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EES Student Online Application

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School Details
Please search by School Name, School Address or School Postcode
The Project Number is the unique number given to you by your teacher, it identifies the team you will be taking part with and if you have it it will greatly speed your application , eg PRJ1403478 or just 1403474 If you have not been given this or cannot remember it please leave this blank
In Case of Emergency

Emergency contacts must be over 18 and at least one should be in the UK for the duration of the course 

1st Emergency Contact Details
2nd Emergency Contact Details
Medical Details

We want to help you get the best from your EES experience and need you to tell us about any special arrangements we need to make. This will not adversely affect you participating in the scheme but you must keep us up to date on your wellbeing, so that we can put in place arrangements to look after you.
Please use this space to tell us about any of the following:
Mobility issues, hearing or visual impairment
Any health or medical conditions including anxiety or eating disorders
Any other recognised or diagnosed condition for example ADHD, Asbergers Syndrome, or Autism

Help us reach more people like you
Future Career
Please select which of the following options you would consider a career in
Data Protection

Photo consent

During participation in your chosen EDT programme, photographs/video footage may be taken of you and used by EDT or its partner organisations to promote EDT and STEM activities. Some examples of how we use images/video footage are for brochures, social media, website and fundraising resources. Images are carefully selected to portray the programmes and students positively as well as to further promote our cause. We will hold images/video footage for the remainder of this programme and two years thereafter.

Data Protection Act

Engineering Development Trust stores the personal information you give us to allow us to administer the Scheme programme. We also use it to provide you with current and future information about our, and third parties’ services and engineering opportunities. Should you consent, we will hold your data for the remainder of the programme delivery and two years thereafter. We will then contact you with the option to ‘opt in’ to keep your details on our files for future opportunities available to you.    

Parent/Guardian/Carer Declaration (not older sibling unless legally appointed as guardian)

My child/ward is under the age of data consent currently set at 16. I therefore give my consent to this application (including the use of images/video footage where such consent has been given above) and will support my child/ward in fulfilling the requirements of the above declaration.

NB, I understand that EDT is responsible exclusively for the allocation of places to our courses.